The MDOW Way

We are Columbia Lloyds. We are building a strong institution to help people in need. We are stronger together than alone. Therefore we commit ourselves to each other and to our common purpose, values and mission.

Purpose: To gather the best people, to help the most people in their greatest need.

Values: To fulfill our purpose, we live and promote unchanging “Dowian” values. We will seek to define, expand and apply these values throughout the life of this institution, but a basic framework includes:

  • Hope – We believe that things are possible, that where there is a will there is a way. We share both will-power and way-power with others.

  • Affordability – To help as many people as possible, our products and services must offer excellent value at the most affordable price possible. Thus, we constantly seek to find and lower key cost drivers.

  • Dependability – We do what we commit to do. We will be there when others need to lean on us.

  • Innovation – We believe in the power of innovation and constantly seek new ways to deliver greater value or lower costs.

  • Respect – We believe in the fundamental value of all people. Thus, we treat all people with respect.

Mission: Our Mission is to help others find hope in times of personal loss; to empower our employees to continuously bring innovative solutions to deliver affordable insurance; to return dependable value to the customers we protect, the employees who serve, and the owners who risk their capital to make it possible; to show respect to all people.

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